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Here at Apple Rx Pharmacy, we see to it that we are able to open opportunities to our customers to receive assistance with their medication reimbursement support needs and an improved patient outcome at an affordable cost. We have staff members who are highly experienced in payor policies and procedures.

    Payors trust us for our partnership in providing comprehensive planning of care solution which includes:

    • Communication between the physician and patient.
    • Monitoring of patient’s specific health goals.
    • Ongoing patient supervision and assessment of patient’s response to treatment, drug complications, adverse reactions, and patient compliance.
    • Ensuring safety in compliance with nationally recognized standards of practice.


    • Therapy Adherence Monitoring
    • Coordination of patient benefits, pharmacy billing, and reimbursement counseling
    • Improved pharmacy-patient relationship
    • Formulation management
    • And mor

    Our Clinical Provide:

    • Specialty Pharmaceuticals(including compounding medication)
    • Insurance Verification and Prior Authorization
    • Clinical Pharmacy Management
    • Pharmaceutical Drug Monitoring
    • Disease State Management
    • Pharmacy Support, 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week
    • Coordinated Delivery with Services on Time
    • Guidance Through Disease Foundations and Co-Pay Assistance Programs
    • Acceptance of Medicare, Medi-Cal and Most Insurance Plans